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Dannah Gresh

Dannah Gresh

Dannah Gresh is a best-selling author and the creator of Secret Keeper Girl and Pure Freedom ministries. Best-known for And the Bride Wore White and Lies Young Women Believe (co-written with Nancy Leigh DeMoss), Dannah is a gifted communicator whose ministry focus is coaching moms to be great connectors to their tween and teen children. She and her husband Bob are left to run a menagerie of animals on a hobby farm since her three young adult children have flown the coop. Her happiest times are when all the chicks are back in the nest.

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Lunch Chef Wanted

(Morning moms need not apply) It was always this time of year that I’d hit Sam’s Club with a vengeance to finally be the mom whose school lunches were legend….

Wise TV Choices

Are you one of “those” moms who is always the lone boycotter of the newest TV fad? Turns out, you’re a good mom and some new research proves just how much you’re protecting.

Should Your Teen Daughter Wear Thong Underwear?

Whale Tails, Granny Panties and Everything In Between: What Is Your Daughter Wearing Under There? With the rise (pun intended) of low-rise jeans, it’s become a fashion statement to show…

Should My Daughter Have To Wear A One-Piece To Youth Group Swim Party?

About this time of year, I begin getting letters from moms “disgusted” that their daughters cannot wear their bikinis to the youth group pool party, or that there are “no…

Dannah Gresh Talks About Talking to Teens

Read Julia’s post about Dannah’s book 6 Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl. “When the world wants girls to grow up too fast, how do you help your…

Is A Push-Up Bikini Top Really Worth Fighting Over?

Let’s overlook the fact that it’s a bikini. And forgive the sensual photos in the retailer’s ads. I’m not here to create a boycott or ban. I just want to…

Do You Need A Miracle?

The New Testament is full of them. The blind seeing. The lame walking. The sinful made miraculously emotionally well. Miracles. We long for them. And despite the fact that Jesus promised…

6 Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl with Dannah Gresh

We are thrilled to have Dannah Gresh as a contributing blogger here at MomLife Today. We think this book is wonderful and so helpful in raising our daughters to be the…

The Story Behind “Secretariat” Could Save Your Marriage

Girls, I have just enjoyed the best year of my marriage (21 and counting, if you want to know). I can hardly stand myself because I am so much like…

How to Connect with Your Child in the Car Pool Lane

I am Car Pool Queen … but it’s a disputable title! As school is well underway, I have plopped on my crown as the personal Car Pool Queen for Lexi…


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