Last Updated on March 20, 2018

It was Christmas Eve and I had to make one last run to the grocery store before I could continue making more delicious things to eat and then regret later.   I had been to the store a few times that week already, so what was one more trip.  Plus, all I needed was a few things and it shouldn’t take me too long considering I was focused and had my list in hand.

I have to grocery shop a little differently than most.  With twin toddlers who don’t walk very fast and don’t fit together in the front seat of the cart, I have to resort to putting them in the basket and our groceries in the front seat, underneath the cart, and all around the girls.  It’s really challenging once I get to the end of my list, especially if I end up getting lots of canned goods, which Piper loves to stack and then un-stack.  So she’s moving cans around and Lily is standing up and then sitting down when I give her the look and tell her to sit on her bottom.

Remember how I said that I only had a few things to get?  Well, a few items turned into something like 20 and I find myself standing in the paper towel, ziplock, and trash bag aisle for my last thing.  I’m trying to find a ziplock bag large enough to fit my turkey in so that I can brine it before we roast it the following morning.  I had been telling the girls to sit down the entire trip so I decided they could stand up while I looked for some extra huge ziplock bags.  Plus, I parked the cart next to the paper towels so I figured they couldn’t hurt those, right?  Right.

Turns out that allowing them to have some freedom wasn’t the brightest choice in my brain that morning.  As I was squatting down by the lowest shelf inspecting all sorts of choices, I hear these sounds: SPLAT, CRACK, CRUNCH!!  And then I hear the girls say, “Uh-oh!!” which is their favorite thing to say, by the way.

I whirl around to see Lily pulling at the egg carton lid and subsequently dumping nearly all 18 eggs out and onto the floor and through our cart with its load of groceries.

I’m not really sure what all I said in the next 90 seconds, but I’m sure it sounded something like, “No! Sit down! Yucky! No touch! Ewww!! No! Sit down, Lily! Piper, no touch, yucky! Oh this is so gross! No touch! Yucky!”

I really could not have picked a better aisle to be in.  Just down the row lay my saving grace: antibacterial hand wipes! I opened them up and then purchased them later at the checkout!

And while standing in our eggy mess, a mom with twin boys walked by and one of the boys asked me what happened.  I told him the story and he then said to me, “Well, you’re going to need some more eggs!”  And he was right.

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  1. Lol, this story is too cute!! I have twins too but they still fit in the front seat of the cart or I leave one in the car seat and put the other in the top seat of the cart.

    Thanks so much for sharing momma! It is good to hear from other twin mommas and know we are not alone lol!

    Keep up the good work! Many blessings!

    Chari http://www.charitsinspirationalcreations.blogspot

  2. Thanks so much for writing Chari! Life with twins is a roller coaster and always keeping me on my toes! I absolutely love it and wouldn't change it for the world! How old are your twins? Thanks for coming to MomLife Today!