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Last Updated on August 6, 2019

My text said something like this, “Our children are being used to show us some things we need to see and to fine tune us!” I was attempting to encourage my husband, because our children had shared with us some things that he and I both need to work on. It can be hard to receive criticism, especially from a person whose diaper you used to change!

The reality is, even though these children used to look at us like we did nothing wrong, depended on us for everything, and accepted everything that we did as the normal, right things to do, they are now young adults. Yes, they are our children, but they are also our brothers and sisters in Christ. We are in that awkward transition time of getting used to the fact that even though we did change their diapers at one point, they now are being used to help us change and mature in our walk with God. They are speaking into our lives.

It is humbling! But I can’t think of anyone better or more qualified to do this. They live with us. They see us at our best and at our worst.

What will happen if we don’t listen?

  • If we don’t listen to their input, take time to thank them and pray over the things they bring to our attention, there’s a good chance we will push them away and cause them to not want to bring anything to our attention again. The walls will go up. The relationship will be hindered.
  • If we don’t listen, we will be setting an ungodly example. We need to adjust to the fact that these young adults have grown to be more than just “our kids.” They can truly be used by God in our lives in many ways!
  • If we don’t listen, we will be missing out on some of the most intense refining that God may want to do in our lives. Our children see us in a setting where no one else sees us. Yes, it’s hard! But when they point things out to us, even if it hits in the hardest places, it can be used to radically overhaul who we are, and conform us to the image of Christ. We will miss out!
  • If we don’t listen, I guarantee that as our children get older and have their own families, we will lose them in one way or another. I have witnessed this happen first hand. Parents who are unable to receive input, who make excuses for their behavior, say they are “too old to change,” and get offended when things are brought to their attention … they are the ones who lose! They lose relationships with their children, hinder their relationship with God, lose opportunities to grow and be humbled, lose the chance to set an example, and lose the respect of their children. They lose.

I don’t want to lose. Do you?

Alright, kids! BRING IT ON!

How has your child (young or old) helped you grow closer to God?

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  1. I don’t want to lose that relationship! I think so much, at least for me, comes down to the poison of pride. I don’t like being wrong. I feel so ashamed when I am wrong, and admitting it, in my mind, sometimes gives people imaginary power over me. I need to get over myself! Thanks for speaking the truth, Gina!