Last Updated on March 20, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!One of the best Mother’s Days I ever had was spent at Chuck-E-Cheese. I know, I know … how in the world is that even possible? In all fairness, it was my idea. It actually turned out to be a brilliant idea if I do say so myself. No one would dare take Mom to that nightmare of a place on her day! So it was empty. We had the place to ourselves. My kids were happy … which made me happy. And we had all the basketball, skee ball, and air hockey a girl could want … and her kids too. It was a Mother’s Day to remember.

Mother’s Days are a bit more difficult now. Being a single mom definitely makes it different. There is a sadness to it … something missing. That person who kinda pulls it all together. You know, the guy that helps the kids pick out a sweet little gift, reminds them to make a card, and takes Momma out to lunch after church.

My ex-husband doesn’t do any of those things. Unfortunately, my kids feel that loss almost more than I do on those days. I can’t imagine how awkward it would be to remind them about Mother’s Day. So I haven’t.

Thankfully my kids are pretty much on the ball and remember to wish me happy Mother’s Day. I know at times they feel like it isn’t enough … mostly because they’ve told me. It really is, though.

We usually go to church and then I get to choose our lunch spot. My kids don’t mind my picking because I always pick burgers and fries … yum! I am definitely looking forward to that!

I’ve been thinking about it though. How do we do this single parent holiday thing well?

I gotta be honest. I’m definitely gritting my teeth when I’m buying presents and cards for my ex-husband … I simply do it to bless my children. I want them to honor and respect their father even if I don’t particularly feel like he deserves it.

I want to give my children the freedom to follow God’s command to honor their father not just on a special day, but every day. So how do I facilitate that for me … I mean how do I help my children honor me without seeming completely crazy? I’ll be honest. I don’t. Seriously. I think this is an opportunity to bless my children by being content with an imperfect Mother’s Day and maybe even being willing to celebrate a little differently.

I’ve decided that I can make it about all of us … after all I wouldn’t be a mother without them right?

We could have a day of fun … I very rarely get to be fun mommy anymore! I’ll be fun mommy again! Woohoo! We will eat yummy food, do something great, and enjoy the day. We will celebrate being a family.

Although if it’s all the same to everyone, I’d prefer to avoid Chuck-E-Cheese. Once was fun, but not again.

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