Last Updated on May 25, 2018

Last year on Veteran’s Day, we shared with our children the meaning of the day and shared the stories of our relatives who have served our country. Later in the school year, my eight-year-old son’s writing assignment was to describe one of his heroes.

He wrote:

I love my Great Grandfather because he fought in war. He is very kind. He’s also caring. He love’s playing game’s with me. He was safe in war. He’s very funny. But most of all I like about him is that he love’s me!!!!!!!!

My children had always pictured veterans as rough and tough Uzi-packing men. They were amazed that their gentle great-grandpa was a veteran and that there are many women — even moms! — who protect our freedom.

Take the time today to tell your children about your family’s heroes. If you don’t know when or where they served, call to tell them thank you and ask about their service. Are there families you know today who have a loved one currently in the military? Show your support to the families, as well. Offer to mow the lawn, babysit, change the oil in the car, help with finances, and pray with them. What a great lesson for your children in the cost of freedom!

A very sincere thank you to all who serve our country. You are not only my son’s hero. You’re mine, too!

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    1. Thanks, Suzanne! The photo was taken several years ago when my older 2 were preschoolers. Aren't they precious 🙂

  1. It all comes down to love doesn't it?! An 8 year old's love for his Hero …Veteran… Great Grand-pa! ALL Veterans need our love, respect and prayers…thanks for this great post!