Last Updated on March 26, 2024

Have you ever seen the movie Courageous? If so, you no doubt teared up as you watched the men in the movie make their Resolution and affirm the standard and commitment they were going to make to and for their families. That was a great movie moment!

But… that poignant scene has stepped out of the movie and is being repeated in towns all across merica. There is a movement going on encouraging men to have their own Resolution ceremony and celebration – and that is something to get excited about!

We are good at celebrations aren’t we? You have no doubt been to a birthday party lately, a few graduations this spring, some weddings… all good reasons to gather and celebrate.

How about celebrating Father’s Day, family and the Resolution of a man to be the leader of his family?

If your husband saw the movie and was touched by that scene, forward him this post and let him know that if he wants to have his own Resolution ceremony you are all about helping him do just that. He may even want to gather a few of his buddies and their families.

Our men don’t need to be convinced to do this, but if they have a desire to they may need a bit of encouragement, they may need to know that you will help them make it happen. Is your mind already going there? Picturing what you and the other wives could do to create a wonderful family celebration.

After all, in the movie Courageous it was the wives who understood the need for ceremony and celebration – it’s just the way we ladies are! I can see no better area for us to use our organizational and party planning skills than to support our men and their heart’s desire to be Courageous.

And husbands, if you are reading this, your wife is not insisting you do this, she is just letting you know that if you want to have a formal Resolution ceremony and celebration she wants to help you make it happen. So, I encourage you to have a conversation about that with her and the two of you decide if it’s something you want to work together to make happen.

You will be strengthening legacies… and that is Courageous!

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  1. Janet Fletcher says:

    I’m a blessed mama of 4,hence the email address. The most courageous thing I have done as a mom was very recent in fact. I have decided to cancel the cable at the start of summer. AHHH. lil I have also decided to homeschoool. My 2 oldest are in private Christian school because they were bullied in kindergarten and first grace. So I decided to homeschool the 2 youngest as I noticed my 3 child having issues in prek. I signed him out a month early and decided to homeschool in the fall. I will be the one molding and shaping the godly character into my children.

  2. Okeoghene says:

    I am a regular reader of this blog though I have never left a comment. I saw the preview of the movie and have since been looking for it at my local library so we could watch it as part of our Father’s Day celebrations. I have two children and the most courageous thing I have done so far is leaving my home, job and friends and settling here so that my children might have better opportunities than what me and my husband had growing up. We have been here a while and I will say though it hasn’t been easy, God has been faithful, and I will not trade this experience for anything as it has brought us closer as a family.

  3. I am a stay at home mom of 3, soon to be 4 kids. My life is filled with adventure including moves about every few years, life in the ministry, adoption, not to mention the 3 very distinct and unique personalities of my kids clashing every day. So the most courageous thing I have done is get up every morning. Each day is chalk full of chaos, drama, blessing and with my current state of pregnancy, hours spent hunched over the toilet 🙂 We moved two weeks ago and have been living in our new house without any furniture or toys b/c our moving truck continues to have mechanical issues so literally putting my feet on the floor everyday and trying to make the most of it with my family takes courage!

    I would love this gift b/c my hubs is such an honorable man with great depths of integrity and character so it sounds like the perfect gift!

    1. Christy Riffe says:

      The most courageous I have worked a job my whole life and never had an opportunity to stay home with ny 4 kids. Well my husband and I decided to give it a shot because my heart truely desired it. After a years ttime I found my husband very stressed about his career and could not bare to see him in a job that causwd him so much grief. So I stood up and gave him the opportunity to stay at home and focus on conttinuing his education and choosing something to better his work life.,I took my old job back and he is pursuing a life long dream of bettering himself.

  4. I don’t feel like I’ve done anything courageous except that I quit my job to be a SAHM! I have not looked back since! I have a 3 year old son (born on Thanksgiving day) and a 1 year old daughter. I saw the movie and loved it. I love all of their movies!

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  9. Most courageous thing I’ve done…become a mother!

  10. I am subscribe to Mom Life and enjoy the newsletter and blog!

  11. I hope to win this for my husband! There are many courageous things, such as becoming a wife, mom, moving to several different states, and most recently starting a Mom To Mom ministry.

  12. My husband is a HUGE fan of the Sherwood movies!

    In 2007, we packed up our things (and our 17-month-old daughter) and moved to South America to serve as missionaries. It was/is our greatest adventure, and it certainly took some courage to leave our comfortable US lives behind. Now, five years and two more kids later, we are so glad we chose to follow God and be obedient to His direction.

  13. Chiana Sanderson says:

    The most courageous thing that I’ve done is NOT quit. Six years ago we were sent a special little baby with a genetic disorder. In spite of the prognosis and well-meaning medical device, we have fought for the health and full life of our little boy. Every day that we engage in therapy (parent-implemented), I know that we are doing God’s will and His work. This journey has been full (exhausting) and rewarding. I’m thankful for every day that I have the courage to get up again.

  14. Chiana Sanderson says:

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  15. My most recent courageous move was pulling my son out of his current school to do what was right for him. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

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  17. My husband and myself dedicated our son to the Lord; We vowed, before family, friends and our church congregation, to raise him in God’s word and asked to be held accountable.

  18. The most courageous things I’ve done:
    Stay at home mother of 5 beautiful kids…with no cable or anything!
    Mom to a disabled little girl that goes to Shriners every 2 years and will have to have a total of at least 14 surges & learn to walk agian at least 4 times!!!
    My husband is also a 50% disabled vet I help care for…
    I’m kids biggest fan!!! I’m their advocate and stand up for them no matter what (a lot of ppl are having trouble doing this in my opinion)