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Do you have your Father’s Day game plan ready to go? Help your kiddos show Dad how they feel about him this Father’s Day. You don’t have to limit these to just one day, though; most of these ideas will work well and be appreciated any day of the year!

Ideas to help your kids honor dad

  1. Purchase small artists’ canvases. Let your kids paint pictures of themselves doing things with him.
  2. Give him a jar filled with slips of paper on which you’ve each written things you appreciate about him.
  3. Talk about the things you love about their dad or that he does well, even when he’s not there to hear.
  4. Express to him the things you love about him when the kids can hear.
  5. Have fun making a “sneaky snack” to surprise Dad—one of his favorites.
  6. Even when you disagree with him, demonstrate respect in the way you respond. (They’re watching.)
  7. Pick up his favorite drink or snack while you’re out and about with your child.
  8. Let them help brainstorm Father’s Day gifts he’d love. Get them excited, and let them help purchase it, wrap it, and make cards to go with it.
  9. Compile a CD together of songs that bring back great memories and express your relationship with him.
  10. When he comes home from work, tell him, “Thanks for working hard today to take care of us.”
  11. Let your children send him an email about something exciting that happened in their day.
  12. Help your children leave a voicemail telling him they love him and can’t wait till he gets home.
  13. If he would find it helpful and not harmful, wash and vacuum his vehicle with your child.
  14. When a child asks a question, give Dad the opportunity to give his input first.
  15. Before he comes home, put your younger children on a mission to find ways to take care of Dad. Maybe they can rub his back, take his briefcase, or pour him a drink.
  16. With his help, set up a date when you can bring in a special lunch to his workplace so you can all enjoy it together.
  17. Take pictures of your kids with their dad and frame them in prominent places—including their rooms.
  18. When Dad is at work, continue to talk about him and build anticipation for when he comes home.
  19. Help them develop compassion for their dad and all he carries as the leader of their home. Encourage them to give him time to recharge.
  20. Let them work together on writing a poem about their dad. You might consider framing it.
  21. When you’re talking about Scripture with your children, point out areas in which their father is a great example.
  22. Encourage them to ask for one-on-one time with him. (If he has a lot going on, you can offer to help with some administrative details to make a special time.)
  23. When he fixes something for them or otherwise serves them, encourage them to say, “Thanks, Dad!”—and model it for them, too.
  24. Talk with them about things you’re doing to honor him. “Let’s stop and fill up the car with gas. I bet that will really help Dad.”
  25. Discuss the things he does well. Tell them about his accomplishments and why it’s so good that God gave him to your family.
  26. Try to create a space free of toys and kids’ belongings where he can relax or focus.
  27. Encourage your kids to ask Dad about his day.
  28. Refrain from comments that belittle the male gender.
  29. Help them to be considerate of their dad: to wake him up gently; to keep from interrupting him; to be mindful when he’s in the middle of a project; to give spontaneous hugs.
  30. Pray for him as a family, especially for events going on in his life.

What special things do you have planned for Father’s Day? Whether it’s for your children’s father or your own dad, share your ideas with us in the comments!

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