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I have always been big on making memories with my children and not only did I want to be intentional about making memories I wanted to find a way to make sure my kids remembered our special times together.

As a result I unwittingly taught my children to have amazing memorization and recall skills. At the time it seemed like a small thing, but now I realize it helped form their capacity to remember.

When my first was born I had read that when children are young and their brains are being knit together you can increase their ability to remember by simply exercising their memory.

I realize these ideas are small things, but I hope they will helpful!

  1. Each evening we would go through the day from start to finish, asking, “What did we do today?” And we would recall, in order, the routine as well as the highlights of the day. I remember being amazed how much doing this exercise daily really did improve my children’s memory. Much like exercising a muscle.
  2. We would at times recount “people blessings” and talk about the people we had recently spent time with, how they blessed us and then we would pray for them. This seemed to help them focus on who they were with and what they were doing.
  3. Puzzles have always been a staple at our home.  We would work them front ways where we could see the pictures, then we would flip them over and work them backwards where we couldn’t see the pictures.
  4. We would remember items by touch and put items in a bag, reach our hands in and grab something with one hand, feel the item, describe out loud what we were feeling and then “remember” what it was.
  5. Using a simple “Old Maid” card deck we would place pairs of cards face down and flip them over two at a time, playing the matching game. We would start with a few cards and build all the way up to using the whole deck.
  6. Every night at dinner their father asked them (and still does), “Tell me about something that happened to you today – in detail!

Both of my children have strong memories and amazing memorization skills and I really think it was because we made “remembering” something that we did daily.

Simple … but it worked!

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  1. Levi last night, “Mum, I know I wasn’t born when you went camping with Daddy and Lucy, but I still have a memory of it.” Since he wasn’t even a twinkle in his daddy’s eye when we went on that trip – that is some memory!!