The last few weeks have been quiet for me. There have been some family medical issues that have kept me caring for the needs of others and left me far, far from social media.

Actually, I have been distant from all media.

The lack of noise has actually revealed the amount of noise that has become “normal” in my life.

Oh, at first I had some withdrawal symptoms and wondered what I wasn’t hearing and reading about.

The curious nagging in my mind of what was happening online without me and the undeniable pull of my “need to know” did yank at me more than I care to admit.

Then an almost shameful transition began to take place. Shameful because it shouldn’t have been a transition, it should be my norm.

The needs of the people in my real life took precedence and I began to embrace the lack of noise and strangely, delightfully the “need to know” was replaced by a longing for silence.

The new noiseless normal became … preferred.

It reminded me of before.

You see, I was the young mom who ignored her land-line telephone when it rang. I used to tell my friends, “I am in charge of my phone, my phone is not in charge of me.”

It was easy back then.

To rest in silence.

To prefer silence.

What happened?

What happened to the freedom and ease of quiet I enjoyed before I carried the internet around in my hand?

When did the “need to know” trump my ability to set aside the noise?

I fear social media and technology is in charge of me.

I would like to think it snuck up on me.

But actually it didn’t sneak up on me … I allowed it.

I have wrestled with this pull towards social media for a couple of years, in more than one blog post and more than one “sabbatical” from the internet. The blank spaces on my personal blog reveal that to be true.

Please … if you are reading these words … please … share your thoughts. As sisters in Christ we need “iron sharpens iron” moments and that screech of sharpening iron is something I am longing to hear from you today.