We humans can be such creatures of habit. I think habit may just be where we feel safest.

Safe is good.  However, as I look at the life of Jesus He was anything but safe. He consistently caused those whose path He crossed to reconsider their routine and consider His radical.

And here’s the thing … His radical for each of His children He knows uniquely is quite individualized. And that is awe inspiring.

Mind boggling actually.

He knows me, how He made me and what I am uniquely equipped to do … even if I do not believe it.

“Oh ye of little faith …”

How do we break free from the doubt of what God can do through us? What God has taught me is that I must be willing to wriggle out of routine and grasp the possibilities of radical.

Even when I don’t want to.

After all, Peter taught us that you do have to get out of the boat to walk on water.

The point is … our walking-on-water assignments do not look the same for each of us, yet each is important.

I have friends who had perfectly content families that God rerouted and asked them to adopt. I have friends who had wonderful community that were asked to uproot to a new community – some in other countries. I have friends that were asked to serve the homeless on Thanksgiving Day, volunteer in a kindergarten class, mentor tweens, provide respite care for foster families, make a meal for elderly neighbors.

No one radical request from Jesus is more important than the other. The radical part of the whole thing is that the nudge was acted upon – despite the quivering knees, despite the “trouble” that it took to get out of the boat, or despite the fear of the unknown.

What is that nagging prompt from God that you keep pushing away? Take a moment to allow it to dance around in your head. Say it out loud, allow yourself to hear it roll off of your tongue. Give the thought some air to breathe,  Give it the light of day to illuminate it a bit more.

Ponder for a moment.

His radical for you … is just for you. Are you fearless enough to get out of the boat?

Here at MomLife Today we are going to share some routine to radical stories with you and we hope you will share yours with us.