A few weeks ago, I called a friend and asked what she was doing.

Her breathing was heavy, like she’d run to get the phone. “Nothing. I haven’t gotten anything done today.”

Hmm, I thought to myself. She has five children, three dogs, four cats, one horse, and an executive-by-week-rancher-by-weekend hubby. After further probing, she mentioned cooking breakfast, dishes, laundry, potty-training woes, diaper changes, and the horse’s sprained ankle—which included a trip to the store for Epsom salt. She’d changed clothes twice and was on her way outside to help her husband build a barn. All this before noon!

So often we as moms think we aren’t accomplishing much, but if we look back our days are so full we barely had time to breathe. Perhaps our check lists should be filled with items such as: “wiped a nose,” “changed a diaper,” and “found a matching pair of socks.” Those things are important even if they aren’t included in a day planner.

So, keep up the good work and realize you are doing something. Above all, moms shape the next generation. And that’s doing something great!