It was my intention to take a real quick look at my Facebook page today. There on my news feed was a post from a distant friend saying she had just finished a Race for the Cure in honor of her mother. “We are continuing to fight for you, mom,” were the final words on this particular post.

WHAT!? I didn’t know she had lost her mom. I remember how dear her mom was almost 20 years ago when we had our six years of hanging out together. I remember the joy that her mom brought to her. And even though we have not really kept in touch, other than an occasional Facebook post, I know she is hurting, grieving, and longing to see her again.

Here’s my dilemma. Her mom passed almost a month ago. Since we have barely kept in touch, is Facebook the place to express my sympathy?

Facebook is a website I have learned to love and hate! On many occasions, I have found out about engagements, baby announcements, births, deaths and even family feuds by strolling through my newsfeed. I have been blessed, cursed, given gifts and flowers, and invited to all kinds of online games and game nights on this site. I have befriended folks I’ve only once met and defriended family members whose language was so bad I felt offended reading it. I have lost connection with friends who have removed their pages, and had friend requests from those whom I’ve never met.

Facebook has given me so much more that I’d ever bargained for. I have seen nudity on pages that have been hacked and been pursued by strangers that don’t care that my status says I am married.

Facebook is a lot like relationship. Yes, great relationships are more than you will ever bargain for. You must take the good with the bad. Relationships should not be easily dismissed because one thing in the relationship has offended you. In a relationship when you hear that something, good or bad, has happened to the one you are bound to, acknowledge it. Ask for forgiveness, keep short accounts and make certain that you continually wrap this affiliation in prayer and love. First remembering that love, itself, is so much more than we think (1 Corinthians 13).

I have many friends who have gotten rid of their Facebook accounts because they were addicted to them. All around us are things that crave our attention and demand our allegiance. The convenience of technology has blinded us so that we TiVo our favorites so the addiction fits into our schedules.

Facebook is just a tool in today’s technological world to keep us in touch with the many associations in our life in practically one place. It doesn’t replace the need that we have to connect with those around us but it does give us the ability to connect with those who at one time impacted our lives.

Facebook is also just one of many things that may draw our attention, time and energy away from the one who loved us first. I pray that those on our pages would see that God is the center and source of our lives and that HE receives our first allegiance.

We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19