If you saw the movie Courageous, you no doubt teared up as you watched the men in the movie make their Resolution and affirm the standard and commitment they were going to make to and for their families. That was a great movie moment!

But… that poignant scene has stepped out of the movie and is being repeated in towns all across America. There is a movement going on encouraging men to have their own Resolution ceremony and celebration – and that is something to get excited about!

We are good at celebrations aren’t we? You have no doubt been to a birthday party lately, a few graduations this spring, some weddings… all good reasons to gather and celebrate.

How about celebrating Father’s Day, family and the Resolution of a man to be the leader of his family?

If your husband saw the movie and was touched by that scene, forward him this post and let him know that if he wants to have his own Resolution ceremony you are all about helping him do just that. He may even want to gather a few of his buddies and their families.

Our men don’t need to be convinced to do this, but if they have a desire to they may need a bit of encouragement, they may need to know that you will help them make it happen. Is your mind already going there? Picturing what you and the other wives could do to create a wonderful family celebration.

After all, in the movie Courageous it was the wives who understood the need for ceremony and celebration – it’s just the way we ladies are! I can see no better area for us to use our organizational and party planning skills than to support our men and their heart’s desire to be Courageous.

And husbands, if you are reading this, your wife is not insisting you do this, she is just letting you know that if you want to have a formal Resolution ceremony and celebration she wants to help you make it happen. So, I encourage you to have a conversation about that with her and the two of you decide if it’s something you want to work together to make happen.

You will be strengthening legacies… and that is Courageous!