My daughter’s hand-me-down clothes are like gold to my friends with younger daughters. Not so much because of the money it saves them, but for the painstaking hours saved finding clothing that is not immodest or inappropriate!

Seriously! The ability to buy attractive and cute clothes for a pre-teen or teenager has been impeded greatly by the choices offered in today’s typical clothing stores. And if you have girls I know you understand what I am talking about.

It is possible to be beautiful and modest in a God-honoring way and my daughter has learned a few tricks that she enjoys passing on to other girls. At the top of her fashion advice list are higher necked tank tops in every color that can be worn under anything with an inappropriate neckline.

I recently met someone who has an up close and personal knowledge of fashion and immodesty challenges – international model Rachel Lee Carter. Even in the world of high fashion modeling she stood her ground and refused to model anything immodest – she was told it would cost her jobs, but just the opposite happened, her career thrived. Rachel is absolutely beautiful…because her beauty radiates from within!

Rachel “gets” that modesty in today’s appearance saturated world is a challenge, but through her book and ministry she assures us that it can be done. In her book, Fashioned by Faith, Rachel shares tips on how to be beautiful and modest at the same time and discusses what it is teen boys “really” think about girls who dress immodestly!

I invite you to meet Rachel through my video interview with her and then listen to more about her career and ministry at FamilyLife Today!

This is one “top model” you will want to introduce to your teens.