The month of February has me scrambling to get out birthday cards and gifts to family members and friends. My husband and son share a birthday along with other dates for my favorite niece and youngest grandson. Then there is Valentine’s Day!

Since we celebrate every birthday, I made a decision long ago not to slight my sweet husband from either his birthday or remembering our love on the 14th! There have been some fun expressions of my love.

Once I arranged to “kidnap” him for a weekend. He loves golf, so we spent two days at a nice hotel and enjoyed an evening dinner at a jazz club. Also, to his surprise, I arranged a golf outing. The amazing part of the entire weekend was my joining him in the one hobby that I lack interest. I know that to sustain a vibrant marriage, love must be expressed and experienced in many forms. Love must be selfless!

Lasting love should be fun and spontaneous, no matter the time of the year. A little surprise spices up the one relationship that must be important.

My husband and I will celebrate 39 years of marriage soon, and fun love is a great ingredient to add to the relationship. Stir up some fun!