I was goofing around with the kids the other night and actually made it through the entire “Twelve Days of Christmas,” complete with choreography from my high school madrigal days. No, I will not be putting that on YouTube. They were delighted, and I was pleased that I’d found something that was playful for them and for me. Living Room WWF is just not my cup of tea.
My oldest then decided we should rewrite the Twelve Days into things they liked (with the exception of my 7-month-old, who I’m sure would have kept eight maids a-milking). They couldn’t just stick with twelve, so now there’s thirteen:
The Thirteen Days of Christmas
by the 5-, 3-, and 2-year-old Breitensteins
One fast airplane flying
Two bottles spraying (my middle loves to clean with the spray bottle)
Three bulls fighting
Four tall giraffes
Five ice cream cones
Six ladies sewing (my sewing machine was out—trust me, a novelty in our house)
Seven helicopters
Eight racecars zooming
Nine ladies dancing (in honor of my tutu-clad daughter)
Ten rocketships
Eleven chocolate milks
Twelve Crunch bars
Thirteen trains a-huffing
There you have it. I love kids at Christmas!
Why not challenge your little one’s to come up with their own version?