It’s the middle of the day and I just spent the last hour sprawled out on my big lounge chair watching Tom and Jerry, even while my to-do list is dripping off the page.


Because my 13-year-old son is sick and he was sprawled out on the couch.

When he was a little boy, every Tuesday and Thursday after I picked him up at preschool we would come home, eat lunch together, and then cuddle on the couch and watch Tom and Jerry. It was part of our preschool day routine. Our special time to do absolutely nothing together except cuddle and giggle.

It was quite nostalgic for me to sit in my chair giggling. Every now and then I’d look over at him with a sigh and remember the old days and wonder how that little bitty boy could now be spilling over the edge of my couch.

At one point he looked at me with a big grin and said, “Hey, you like this one, it’s got the little seal in it!”

Yeah, he remembers too!

Mom, do you take the time to do absolutely nothing with your children?

You really should.

“Nothing” draws you closer together and allows you to share sweet memories that lead to big grins.

With thirteen year old young men…with little boy hearts…that last a lifetime!

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  1. Doing absolutely everything that is important!