The other day my husband and I heard some news that made our hearts sink. A friend announced he was getting a divorce, though it wasn’t his choice.

Although I can’t remember his exact words, I took the meaning of what he said to heart. No one wins in a divorce. It rips apart a family, and the children are hurt the worst. It destroys everyone involved.

What true words. But what does this have to do with Father’s Day? Children need their fathers and fathers need their children. I say this not to condemn anyone who’s been divorced, but I think of my friend who might be spending this Father’s Day alone, even though he was a very involved parent. To see his broken heart makes me hurt too. I pray for the restoration of his marriage, I pray for all marriages. And it is the mission of FamilyLife to help strengthen and restore marriages.

This Father’s Day, make it your mission to bring something new and positive to your marriage. Perhaps it is a respectful attitude. Perhaps it is a renewed interest in intimacy. Perhaps it’s a commitment to spend more time together as a couple. Or maybe you’ll attend a special marriage getaway in the coming year. Whatever you decide, the greatest gift you can give each other and your children is a strong family.