Editor’s note:  We invite you to join MomBlogger Barbara Rainey this week on FamilyLife Today to hear more about the life of her precious grandaughter.

If tears provide comfort to those who mourn, then I have contributed to the healing process for Rebecca and Jacob Mutz. This young couple who experienced the unimaginable just one year ago—the death of their newborn daughter—has bravely and transparently allowed us to enter into their journey through the pages of a book.

Amazingly, Rebecca and her mother, Barbara Rainey, have managed to open the innermost areas of their pain and deposit them directly into the heart of their readers, leaving them feeling closer to God and more aware of His sovereign goodness in every circumstance—even the one all mothers fear most.

The story told in A Symphony in the Dark spans a mere seven days, but in those pages I learned a lesson that will last a lifetime: Grieve well with those who grieve, and allow God’s presence to be fully experienced through the process.

More than once I have seen tragedy and loss lead to isolation and destruction of relationships. A Symphony in the Dark is an intimate look into how one young couple, and two extended families, came together at the foot of the cross to allow one little life to change each one of them forever.

I too have been changed by the life of Mighty Molly Ann Mutz and I invite you, no I implore you, to read this book. You will never see death and loss the same again. And you will be equipped to face tragedy head on.

Experience the heart-wrenching, yet soothing melody of A Symphony in the Dark, and you will come away longing for heaven.