Okay, I admit it. I milk Mother’s Day for all it’s worth!

I hope you do too.

We are responsible for so much all day, every day, and Mother’s Day should be the one day we try hard … not to do so much. I say “try hard” because sometimes we are our own worst enemies on this and we just can’t help ourselves. Because we want it done “right” we step in, when we need to just allow our children (and hubby) to do what they want to serve us. Even if it means dealing with them creating a colossal mess in the process!

So resist the urge to step in—it really will be just fine if you allow the counter top to go unwiped, the church clothes to be a bit wrinkly, and dinner to be served late and with only one course.

Don’t set your sites too high—take what your children and hubby are capable of and appreciate it!

And about the mess being made of your home on Mother’s Day?  Pull out your best Scarlett O’Hara attitude and tell yourself, I’ll worry about that tomorrow.

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