In the past, my Mother’s Day activities revolved around sending cards and a few gifts to my daughter, daughters-in-law, girlfriends, family, and a few others. It was a special reminder to them of my appreciation for the loving investment in the lives of the next generation. However, this year I will send the cards but reach out to some mothers that have seemingly lost their way in life.

There is a group of mothers that are laboring in a court-ordered addiction recovery program. Their challenges are great but the rewards are better … they get to keep custody of their children. They are saying no to addiction and yes to their children and family. What courage and strength!

Along with a few friends, I began a group of volunteers to lovingly serve these mothers. Our little army of helpers is hosting a Mother’s Day celebration luncheon for 65!

Our team provides the entire meal, fun games—with prizes—and a small take-home favor that reminds them of motherhood. The giggles, hugs, and the sparkle in their eyes are affirmation that mothers serving mothers is the best thank you!

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