In public. At work. On a day when I had an important meeting with the public relations firm from Atlanta. I was sitting in the meeting, across from the bigwigs, and as I crossed my legs, to my horror I saw … well, I saw what you are seeing in the photograph.

I gasped audibly. Our vice president of marketing, who was sitting beside me, looked at me and whispered, “Are you alright?” I gave a feeble, “Yes,” and proceeded to slip my tan shoe off and hide it behind my chair.

Instantly I thought, That’s it, this is the beginning of the end, I’m losing it. I have Alzheimer’s. I quickly did a brain scan, trying to recall how I did such an insanely ridiculous thing. Then I remembered how my morning had been.

Son had to be at school extra early for a band performance at a local elementary school, so my hubby took him. But before my son left, I had to make sure he had his gift for an underprivileged student, his music, his sack lunch, and a box full of What God Wants for Christmas bracelets for the band to hand out.

After the guys left I was getting dressed in my room. The brown shoes are new, so I slipped off a tan shoe, laced up a brown shoe and was doing the, “which shoe would look better” thing when my daughter yelled, “Mom, come here, I need you!” She was struggling to get her just prescribed contacts into her eyes and was having quite a bit of trouble. After assisting and encouraging her for about five minutes she finally got them in her eyes. Then, I realized we had to leave “now” and out the door we flew to get her to school on time and me to my meeting on time.

Joy of all joys, I am not losing my mind to Alzheimer’s. I’m just a busy mom who naturally “lost her mind” while caring for her children and putting their needs before her own. The relief from that realization tempered the blow of my obvious lack of fashion sense for the rest of the day. Not only am I a busy mom, I’m a practical mom—it would be ridiculous to drive all the way home just to spare my pride. Besides, I brought much joy and belly laughter to many friends at FamilyLife.

And hey, the next time I am asked, “What’s your most embarrassing moment?” I have an answer all lined up.

So do tell, what’s your most embarrassing moment?