Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Growing up, it was the only time my very small extended family got together. I remember baking pies with Grandma, shopping with my aunt, and getting to stay home an extra day from school.

Even today, my mood improves when the weather turns crisp and I see fall colors in the trees. Yet, so much has changed since my simple days of childhood. Like many others in recent times, I have much that could take away my spirit of thankfulness. A child with autism, stock market spills, health issues, an ailing parent … The list could go on. For many of you it would take pages to write your list. So what do we do?

I think we should be thankful all the more. Every morning before school, my older daughter and I thank God for different things as we drive to school. I hope to make the Thanksgiving table the same. Even though the frenzied media with their messages of doom would like us to feel otherwise, God has still given us many reasons to thank Him. So, despite my gluten-free and limited sugar diet that will force me to pass on pie, I’m going to thank God and look forward to what He will do in my future. I pray you will find that same peace in your hearts and homes this year and in the years to come.