Well, that was fun! Ever had one of those nights with friends where you just knew you hit a home run?

We invited some couples over and the plan was to eat dinner and then play a game together. Now the interesting thing about playing games with others is that there are always those who give you that, “you have got to be kidding me, we are not actually going to play a game” look. Since I am from a family of game players it brings me great joy to convert the naysayers in the group—I consider that a game within the game and am determined that victory will be mine!

The meal was yummy, the conversation was lively, and the game was hilarious! We played Spouse-ology—sort of like The Newlywed Game with attitude! Brace yourselves for some shameless self-promotion: See what Spouse-ology is all about by watching this video with yours truly explaining how to play the game. (Hey, wherever I can lend a hand in the ministry, I’m there!)

Okay, back to the fun at the house—we laughed, we learned something about each other (and our spouses), and we laughed some more!

The most amazing thing happened as we sat there entertaining ourselves.  My children, who were off in another room, heard all the revelry and came creeping into the room and sat, mesmerized, watching this group of adults carrying on like school children. With every round of questions they got closer and closer until they were seated at the table with us laughing, pointing, and seeing how fun Spouse-ology can be. More importantly, seeing how fun a spouse can be!

I’ve heard it said that children love to see their parents loving each other.  Well let’s add to that, children love to see their parents, and their parents’ friends, celebrating friendship and marriage with some good old-fashioned game-playing fun!

I considered the night a huge success.  The players—and the spectators—loved the game. I even obtained that victory I was seeking from the naysayer!

But don’t just take my word for it, check out these reviews about Spouse-ology on Amazon:

This game is more fun than I could have imagined. It is clean, fun and tremendously humorous! I highly recommend this game to any clean-loving family!

Great game that makes you understand your spouse even more and have fun at the same time. Recommended to all ages!!!

We recently played this game at a friend’s house and I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a LONG time. At one point my husband was putting lipstick on me with an oven mitt on his left hand!! We acted out little skits, sang songs and generally made ourselves look stupid in the name of fun. Also, the Newlywed-style questions are lots of fun when you’re playing with multiple couples.

So, order the game and get the invitations in the mail!