Earlier this week I told you about a great new movie that’s being released this weekend and encouraged you all to go see it … remember?  The movie is FIREPROOF.  Now it seems everywhere I look someone is talking about this breakout new movie.

FamilyLife is a marriage ministry, so of course I expected a lot of support from FamilyLife Today, which has been running broadcasts all week on the movie, and from the FamilyLife website, which has been promoting it all month.  But who knew secular media outlets would join in by giving their vote of confidence for this movie?

I would like to shake Dr. Phil’s hand! He had Kirk Cameron, the star of FIREPROOF, as a guest on his show on Thursday and he encouraged his audience to go see the movie! In addition to Dr. Phil, Kirk was a guest on The Today Show and they were also promoting the movie and singing the praises of the pro-marriage message it so aggressively portays.

I cannot tell you what great feelings of victory I was experiencing while watching those mainstream media outlets promote FIREPROOF. So, if you needed some more convincing before you were willing to shell out your hard earned cash to go see FIREPROOF—I hope this will clinch it for you.  Get to the theater already!