Last year at this time, I was a mess. My eldest was about to start kindergarten and my youngest would start school at a new special needs program. Both schools started on the same day. What would school be like? Would other kids be nice? Would the teachers love my child? Would they make friends? Would someone corrupt them? What will happen that I won’t be there to control?

Ah, that last one got to the heart of the issue for me. I had to give up control of my children for a time. I don’t know what I would have done without God.

I had to remind myself that the same God who made the vast universe with a word from His mouth can take care of my babies.

They turned out fine, by the way. But what about me?

I was prepared to feel sad once they left the nest for a few hours, but I also knew some relief would come, too. After all, I’d lost touch with who I was after some very intense years of parenting. So, I made some goals for myself. They were basic, mind you. Nothing grandiose. I decided to write. I’d devote a few hours a day. It gave me something to focus on in the first month or two after school started. Before I knew it the school year was over and I was having real panic attacks about having a child home again all day long.

It was almost humorous.


So, here we are back to school again. I again have my goals in place for those first few lonely weeks. I have writing to do. Some other school moms and I have started a weekly tea time and a book club. I plan to volunteer at the school again. I might get around to cleaning the house, too. Maybe! And I’m going to trust in the great God of the universe to work out the details of this next year, even though my stomach is clenching even as I write this.

So, whether you’re dancing in the streets and shrieking hallelujah or wandering the house ringing your hands, prepare for the transition and prepare to trust God.