Have you ever seen a well-tended wisteria vine? They’re beautiful and provide thick shade. We have one, but it’s been neglected. This weekend, my husband had to cut it back. Ants were using it for a bridge into the house, and its branches were pulling down the gutters. It was out of control.

So it is with marriage. As a newlywed, I believed romance would be easy. But as the kids arrived and the years passed, it became easy to neglect this aspect of marriage. It was like my wisteria vine—wild and full of potential for trouble.

Is it time to prune your wisteria vine? Do you have neglected branches in your marriage that have grown out of control? Are they building a bridge for invading pests? Get out your pruning sheers and go to work. A strong marriage is one of the greatest gifts you can give your kids and yourself.

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