I can’t remember if this is my own idea or not, but we began a habit when my oldest was two that has been a blessing to all of us.

At bedtime, we let him pick a country off the world map posted by his bed, and we pray for that country during our bedtime prayer: for their orphans, maybe, or their missionaries, current events (like the cyclone in Burma), the body of Christ there, their persecuted Christians, for Bible distribution … It’s been a good discipline for me!

Now my oldest is four, and this year a friend gave us a copy of Window on the World by Spragget and Johnstone (her husband, Patrick, compiled Operation World), which is full of pictures, stories, facts, and prayer requests for countries around the world, as well as kid-ified info on world religions. My son loves to find the country and even learn how to say “hello” in that country’s language. The countries are now alive in his mind!

The benefits are at least twofold: growing a culture of missions in our kids, and increasing their understanding of social studies and the world around them! So glad God gave us that idea.