I just read Barbara’s post from yesterday and I feel compelled to remind all the moms out there of the importance of her “get healthy” advice!

When my children were in their strollers we would go to parks, take neighborhood walks and “ooohhh and aaahhh” at nature and all we could see in God’s world. We would listen for sounds and with every sound I’d ask my little ones to tell me what they heard.  It was a time to explore!

When they became toddlers we’d take those same walks, only on a small bike for her and a big wheel for him—with the rule that they had to stop at every intersection and wait for Mommy to catch up! The learning for that walk was my wee son telling me what every kind of car was (how do little boys know these things?) and my daughter wanting to save every ant, worm and caterpillar along the way.

As they got a little older we were all on bikes (same stop at the intersection rules—boys are just fast … always) and by then the learning and discussions could end up almost anywhere.

Moral of this post: Moms, don’t put off until the empty nest days what you can do today! Get outside and exercise with your children now! Those times can hold special memories—I know they do for me.