by Paula Dumas

Hey Korie, I feel your pain. “Check the fridge” is my new favorite answer to the perennial question, “What’s for dinner tonight?”

Now, it’s not that I don’t plan. My goal is to only enter the doors of my local Kroger or Costco once per week. I do plan meals, sort of … and try to cook double quantities and freeze.

My latest strategy is to deploy child labor and prepare young men for life away from home when mom isn’t around to cook. I’m trying to give them an occasional chance to relieve me after a long work day and deliver something tasty to the table. It’s what FamilyLife deems to be an age-appropriate chore for kids.

Mine stepped up on Mother’s Day: ziti with tomato sauce and Caesar salad. Yum.

Say, boys, I’m hungry. So what is for dinner tonight?

Editor’s note:  If you have found simple, practical solutions that have helped you answer the ever-looming question of “What’s for dinner?”, please leave your comments below.  We’d love to hear your tips!