1. Hearing “I love you so much, Momma.”
  2. Sweet hugs just because.
  3. Little people fighting over my lap.  (It really can’t be that comfortable even with all the padding.)
  4. Getting to read rhyming stories.
  5. Bible stories every day – such a reminder of God’s faithfulness!
  6. My little girls joyfully singing songs to me.
  7. Late night chats with my teenage daughter.
  8. Still getting to play with Legos, Playdoh and crayons.
  9. Playing basketball with my teenage son (and very rarely winning).
  10. Playing soccer with my preteen son.  (That boy’s got some fancy footwork!)
  11. Jumping on the trampoline – because without my children I probably never would.
  12. Getting to read Narnia books again!!
  13. Friday movie night with my teenagers and Saturday morning cartoons with my little ones.
  14. Being the one my children come to when they are afraid, happy, sad, or just want to hang out.
  15. God using my children to show me so much about my strengths and weaknesses.
  16. Knowing God entrusted these beautiful people to me and understanding what an amazing honor, privilege, and responsibility that is.
  17. Understanding and experiencing forgiveness as it is offered to me for my bad mommy moments and as I offer it to my children for their stinker kid moments.
  18. Having to really think about what I believe and why so I can answer my children’s questions with wisdom and knowledge.
  19. Seeing God provide for and love on my children, such a joy!
  20. As I love on my children, I’m beginning to grasp how much my Heavenly Father loves me.

What do YOU love about being a mom? Make your own list and share it with your children – it’s such a great reminder of what a blessing it is to be a Momma!

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  1. I love waking up next to my daughter.
    I love walking into my boys room at night and seeing them passed out sleeping and thinking “wow they are so big! When did they grow so much?!”
    I love falling asleep cuddled up with my son.
    I love waking up my son to take his medicine and he says thank you and I love you and then immediately falls right back to sleep.
    I love chasing my boys around the house and hearing them squeal with excitement.
    I love painting toenails with my daughter.
    I love how my son says the word “what.”
    I love how my daughter will eat absolutely anything.
    I love how my daughters ears perk up when I say the word cheese.
    I love when my son says “oh my precious mommy” and then rubs my arm softly
    I love how my kids are fascinated by ridiculously huge ecuadorian bugs
    I love how my daughter translates spanish words to english for me so i can communicate with others
    I love having my 3 kids pile on top of me to hear the story of David and Goliath for the 100th time
    I love how my kids change the words of a song without realizing it when they are singing
    Small list but im glad i made it. Makes me more appreciative instead of my usual complaining about all the things lacking. God is so abundant in giving his grace.

    1. I love reading with my 13 month old daughter and seeing her joy at the favorite pages.
      I love hearing her happy chirps and soaking in the reality that yes I have the priviledge of being a mom.
      I love having lunch with my daughter…even if she doesn’t want to try new foods that day!
      I love seeing her tiny little self walk naked to the bath.
      I love that she enjoys nature too and is becoming so much more aware in her understanding.
      I love that I can think about these things!

  2. The Thing I Love about being a mom is God’s Love is far and wide because He lives in Texas, I Live in Michigan, and he attends church all on his own, being 15.