How to Raise a Boy to be a Man

While trading emails this week with a friend who has two teenage boys, she commented out of sheer frustration, “Would you take my 16-year-old and knock some sense into him?”  Teenage boys are often arrogant, angry, and argumentative. Rarely are they cooperative and others-focused. I have several theories as to why this is true, one of which Continue »

A Morning Thought

It’s a beautiful spring day, and I just got back from a jog. When I run, I try to push all thoughts (of things I need to do, others need to do, etc.) aside — which is very hard — and instead focus on one character trait of God. Today I was thinking about the fact Continue »

“You have Cancer”

“We have the results from your recent biopsy. It’s malignant.” I didn’t expect to hear those words, especially in my mid-30s while driving my sister’s SUV loaded with kids, her youngest whining that he couldn’t hear Big Bird. The nurse on the phone delivered the message with the same measure one would use with a Continue »

Group Story Telling

Are you planning a long car trip? Are you looking for something to do in the car besides electronics? Do you need some games to play? Tracey shares a great way to not only entertain your kids in the car but bond as a family! What story can your family string together on the road?

I’m Not Your Friend

About three years ago, my children (then eleven, nine, and six) sat at the bar while I tidied up the kitchen. I am a single mom practically every weekend, and they were begging me to take them ice skating. My fourth was a three-month-old, and my vision narrowed as I thought about all I needed to accomplish. “I’m sorry, Continue »

Do I Make a Difference?

Welcome to “She Says Saturday,” where we are pleased to introduce you to Shannon Williams, a member of our MomLife Today community! We invite you to connect with her here at MomLife Today or visit her blog at My Shannonigans. Be sure to leave a comment and share this post to support Shannon as she uses her Continue »

The Girls of Fiji

As I stood on the stage, I gazed at one of the most beautiful sights in all of Fiji. Having just returned to the States late Sunday, my mind continues to replay scenes from our two weeks in the South Pacific. And my favorite image is an outdoor auditorium where almost 700 teenage girls gathered to hear Continue »

A Messy Missy Mess

A few years ago, we purchased a therapy swing for Rachel to help with some of the sensory issues that come with autism. It required a massive hook mounted in a ceiling beam. Thankfully, as neither Hubby nor I are handy, our house’s previous owner had installed several in our garage. Even though the room Continue »