Trust God to provide

Here is one mom’s story of how she learned to trust God to provide!


It’s a bit crazy to say, but there have been seasons of my life where generosity seemed near impossible.

As a single mom who jumped one financial hurdle after another, I sometimes was fearful to share what little I had. I didn’t want to struggle more financially than I already was. There were people in my life who were shocked I tithed, and sometimes I felt a little shocked myself. Thankfully, there were also people who encouraged me to step out in faith, trust God to be true to His Word, and believe that He would provide. 

It all comes down to trust.

Do I believe that only I can ensure my children are fed and have a roof over their heads?

Do I only trust myself and not God to provide what I need?

Do I believe that if I give to God, He is only going to take and not also bless? 

I have to say that I’ve asked myself those questions and always answered, “Definitely not! I know I can trust God more than myself!” 

God ensures we are all cared for with food and shelter, not me. 

God will provide what we need, not me.

God isn’t just going to take; He will provide and bless.

The Benefits of Trusting God

When my husband left fifteen years ago, I had a short period of panic, and then God showed me how He provides even when it seems impossible. I could give many examples of ways God provided that made no sense at all. There always seemed to be enough or even more than enough.

And when I trusted by tithing, making a meal for someone, or opening my home up to others, He always provided more than I could have ever thought possible.

It wasn’t that bags of cash arrived on my doorstep, although someone once left an envelope filled with cash taped to my front door. Rather, it was little things that added up. Friends who helped with repairs. Expenses that were less than expected. Small jobs that helped with expenses at just the right time. 

I found that I could trust God to provide, which also meant that I could trust God and generously give Him my tithes and offerings. I could step out in faith and bless others. I could give back because God was faithful. I could give back because I knew that I could trust Him. I could give back to Him because it was His, to begin with.

Generosity, for me, is about trusting that God will provide, bless, and care for my family. I have learned my generosity pales in comparison to God’s generosity and love!