Welcome to MomLife Today!

We are a community of women who are doing our best to follow Jesus and raise our children with a strong spiritual foundation.  

Here at MomLife Today, we’ll be the first to say it. Being a Mom is hard.

If you’re anything like us, you may go from giving yourself a “gold star” for motherhood, to counting down the minutes until 7:30 pm when we put the kids to bed.

As moms, we all need encouragement. 

We need wisdom. 

We need community.

It is our prayer that this would be a safe space for moms to be real about what happens in our homes and hearts.

We pray this would be a safe place that will always be accessible in your busy schedule, rooted in scripture and God’s truth

I’m so glad you’re here as we learn to enjoy God’s blessings and the journey of motherhood, together. 

I’m eager to get to know each of you in the coming days as we share our stories and find encouragement together. Exciting times are ahead!


Kirsten Watson,

Executive Editor

MomLife Today

Kirsten + Benjamin Watson

MomLife Today has been ministering to moms for over 12 years! We invite you to learn more about us, contact us or submit a guest post. We are here to serve moms and their families by providing the encouragement you need!


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