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Are You Willing to Die on THAT Hill?

“I can’t get my stepkids to eat healthy foods,” a stepmother shared with me. “When they are at their mom’s house they eat fast food and stuff filled with chemicals….

Stepmom Perks

There are times when being a stepparent can serve as an advantage.  Children will sometimes share things with a stepparent that they will not disclose to a mom or dad….

Stompin’ On the Stepmonster

You would think after 26 years as a step mother there wouldn’t be anything new to learn. Wrong. It all began when we decided to update our last will and…

Weddings and the Step family

“My step daughter and I have had a great relationship for over 12 years,” the woman shared. “She is planning her wedding, and I assumed I would be included. But…

The Christmas Photo — What’s a Step family to do?

“My mom wants to have a new family picture taken for Christmas,” Tanya shared. “She updates the photo every few years and sends it with her Christmas cards.” “Everything was…

Daddy’s Little Girl

Father’s Day hasn’t always been an enjoyable experience for me. My parents divorced when I was eight years old. Before they separated I was “Daddy’s little girl,” but after the divorce,…

Two Grandmas

Twenty-five years ago, my two stepsons were 11 and 13 when their dad and I got married. To them, I have always been “Stepmother” or “my dad’s wife,” which is…


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