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Instilling Kindness In Our Children

My family recently went to see a movie that reminded me of the reality many kids today face: bullying, harsh words, being excluded. Of course, I knew this sad truth…

Popular Kids… Not Wanted

There were four little boys gathered together and the larger boy, stepped out from the pack and growled, quite loudly, “Get away, we don’t want to play with you!” I…

How Do You Define A Bully?

You may think your child is not a bully because he or she does not pick on others. But do they ignore others? That can be a form of bullying…

Raising Kids with Character

It is not beauty, education, accomplishments, material possessions, health or significance that will ultimately matter. Each of these can disappear in a second. Our kids come into the world packaged uniquely. You may have one who scores 2400 on her SATS but you may also have a downs syndrome child who will never complete school. Is one more valuable than the other? Your child may be homely, shy, and a very average student. In the world’s eyes he may never be a success. But if nurtured properly he may develop a compassion for others that is life changing and life giving.

Is Your Child Being Bullied?

I will not ever forget the time my precious, beautiful daughter came home from seventh grade as sad as can be. It took me hours to get it out of…


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