Last Updated on March 20, 2018

Oh nap, you are a gift from God—

I feel now I can make it!
When just twenty little minutes ago
I thought I couldn’t take it.

“Nap when your kids nap!” I was told,
And boy, that was good advice.
‘Cause a mommy starting to border on nasty
Is once again being quite nice.

The baby asleep, the preschooler, too
The other two occupied
Meant rest for me; thought I wasn’t that tired…
And then I was out like a light.

Strangely, the day’s looking so much better
And now I can face the last half
Including that crazy dinner hour
Then wrestling and P.J.’s and baths.

For me it’s a sign of knowing my limits
In the midst of my everyday crazies
I know if I take just those sweet little minutes
Everything else looks like daisies.

Well, there you have it. I am a self-confessed napper. And that’s a small breakthrough for me, because sadly, I find a lot of pride in not resting, even working beyond what God’s asked me to do. Sure, sometimes naps can be laziness. But for me, they often mean me resting with some humility and trust. Bring that on, because baby, there’s no tired like motherhood.

“[God] gives to His beloved sleep.” –Psalm 127:1

Do you nap when the baby does? (Did you when your child was little?)

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  1. Yes! I napped when my kids were little. I only wish I had napped more! But what I'm resonating with right now is your last paragraph: "I find a lot of pride in not resting". Wow. That hits home. I'm not sure where I learned it, and I'm afraid I might be passing on to my children the value of work but not the value of rest.

    Great post and super great reminder! Thanks.

  2. Love it! Isn't it crazy how kids hate naps and adults love them!