Last Updated on June 1, 2018

For years I’ve heard the phrase, “Bloom where you’re planted.” I started to look around at the soil that I was planted in.

I’m planted in the soil of being a wife, a mom, a Grandma, a daughter, sister, friend, mentor, entrepreneur, worshipper, Bible study leader, and other things.

Right now, I’m in the thick of serving in my home the most. There are daily needs that, without my being present, would be difficult. I see this as a “time-tool” to cultivate the soil of my children’s lives.

God put the concept of planting, nourishing, and blooming on my heart and I want to explore that as it relates to bringing up our children.

There is a process in blooming that turns into flourishing.

First the seed, then the roots. I want the truth about Christ through Scripture, and the knowledge of His love down deep in my children.

Given more time, the sprout appears.

As my children are growing up, I get to witness the progress throughout their ages; from my older adult daughters to my youngest pre-teen son.

Each child totally their own person, and each sprout of growth unique to the role they allow God to take in their lives.

God is showing me throughout these years how to serve each one differently. As a gardener has to learn about the habits and growth process of each type of seed they plant, a parent has to tend to each child differently.

Given even more time, the full blown plant or flower produces!

That produce is becoming ready to be enjoyed. Our unseen time that’s been invested wasn’t in vain. The process is proving to be fruitful.

As we grow in wisdom and knowledge, there will probably be some years of re-working the soil, pulling the weeds, and even times of feeling like we’re starting from scratch over and over again, but praise God, we’re still here. Our children are still seeing the bloom of our lives.

The initial reaction may be to quiver and shake at the thought of the responsibility of cultivating hearts to blooming, but we soon get our bearings and ask God for confidence, and the Holy Spirit to bring to remembrance the things we’ve learned.

As we abide in God; His branches, and are cultivated, what comes next is the flow from our hearts. He speaks through us to our children. We’re given the opportunity to show our children the truth of God’s Word, and that is the most beautiful bloom ever!

[verse reference=”John 15:5″]I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.[/verse]