Intentional Rest

Last Updated on June 17, 2024

A consistent thing I’ve been implementing lately is REST.

I know that sounds crazy, but if you’re anything like me, people may often use terms like workaholic or busy bee to describe you.

Sometimes homeschooling my boys, running a non-profit homeschool program, working from home, and maintaining family schedules can run together. So every week, I am intentional about REST; taking short and extended breaks from anything that requires me to pour out.

How to rest effectively

Ideas for Intentional Rest

For me in this season, intentional rest looks like:
● Being detached from my phone
● Putting my phone on “Do Not Disturb” for a period of time
● Not responding to emails during or after certain hours
● Telling my kids “I’m out of the office for a moment; please no requests unless it’s an
● Sitting down and sitting still
● Taking that nap demanded by my mind and body
● Being in bed by at least 10 pm each night

Rest may look similar or different for you, but regardless, we all need it. After I’ve rested, I feel so rejuvenated and accomplish more than I would have on a full tank of energy vs. “putt-puttin” on E.

A personal proverb that often rings in my head is, “I’m not a machine, I’m a human being.” And I say the same to you; “You are not a machine, you’re a human being.”

So this week, find some exclusive time to REST and get in the habit of listening to your body
when that rest indicator pops on. Remember that what you need to take care of will be there when you wake up. Trust me, you’ll feel so much better doing it after you’ve rested!

“It really is senseless to work so hard from early morning till late at night, toiling to make a living for fear of not having enough. God can provide for his lovers even while they sleep!”

Psalm 127:2 (TPT)

So tell us… How are you planning to intentionally rest this week?