How To Show Your Kids What a Healthy Marriage Looks Like
If you haven’t heard yet, we’re doing something this year called 12 Ways to Connect With Your Kids in 2021
It’s such a great resource for having just ONE little thing a month to help you connect with your kids, no matter what their age.
This month, the tip is all about showing your kids what a healthy marriage should look like.

Let’s be honest, marriage is hard, but there is so much good that God intends to come from it. 
Are you currently single or separated from your spouse? We have a word in there for you too.
Next month we’re talking about how to commit to praying with your kids, so you’ve got to get the download.
This is important stuff friends, and I don’t want you to miss it.
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Download it, and then let me know in the comments or over on socials what you think!