“Debbie, be sure you write down the cute things Taylor and Lauren say and do.”

I remember my mother’s advice like it was yesterday although it was 33 years ago. “That’s a good idea,” I replied. Did I follow her advice? No. I was knee deep in diapers, Cheerios, and laundry. I thought I wouldn’t forget their cute comments and antics.

I wish I’d followed her advice. What a great keepsake journal it would have been for me to pass on to them.  What a precious memory book it would have been for me. The good news is, it’s not too late for us to begin keeping a record of daily gratitudes for our children. But first, are you thinking the following?

  1. I Don’t Have Time.  Yes, we do. It takes two minutes to think back over the day and and jot a few daily highlights.
  2. My Teens Don’t Talk. Teens may not be chatting or doing “cute” things. But, what if you captured one thing each week that your teen is doing well or something you appreciate about your teen? It might be the potential you see in them.
  3. My Kids Are Grown.  Not a problem. Text or call and say, “Tell me something good that happened today or this week.” Capture the good and positives as keepsakes for your children.

A Keepsake Gratitude Journal 

The Goal: Capture the good God is doing. Focus with a thankful heart on the positives. Train our families to look for the good in each day.

The Why:  We don’t have to ask little ones what they’re thinking or feeling. If they’re happy, they giggle. If they’re sad, they cry. If they’re mad, they pout.  As our children grow, we hear highlights of their thoughts; such as if they’ve had a good day or a bad day. But are we training them to look for the good their Heavenly Father provides each day? Are we tuned to the good that God gives us each day?  Journaling our thanks trains us to be more thankful people. As Christians, we are to be mindful and appreciative for God’s provisions, “always giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to God, even the Father.” Ephesians 5:20 NASB

The Win:  You become a more grateful mom. You raise grateful children.

The How:  Prayers of My Heart journal has a Month-at-a-Glance section where you can daily write, “Thank You, God” then record moments for which you are thankful.

Thank You, Lord…

  • Grant – 1st steps
  • Allison asked, “How does God make butterflies?”
  • Mandy – Passed driver’s test

What you jot down may be common moments that you point out to your children:

  • Beautiful sunrise
  • Grant – so cute learning to walk
  • Allision’s non-stop questions, “Why does your hair grow, but not your tongue?”
  • Mandy – Huge smile -took car by herself for 1st time

Make it fun to collect grateful moments. Get your children or grandchildren to join in.  If they have to think really hard for something to be thankful about, that’s good. It’s training them to look for God’s blessing in the midst of a bad or boring day; that there is always something for which we can be grateful. If something doesn’t come to mind, we can teach them to be thankful for God being with us, for one another, for His daily provisions.

The Blessing:  Looking through the pages of your journal and being reminded of the gratitude you have each day, month after month.