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When the Bird Leaves the Nest and Flies to a Different Continent

My daughter moves into her apartment today to start her college career.  I live in Hungary.  She is in New York City.  This was definitely not what I envisioned, but…

The Back-to-School Happy Dance

I always have a wistful feeling when the end of summer approaches, and I know the family will be transitioning back into the school year, after several idyllic months of…

Tinkling in the Ocean – The Little Joys of Life

You know how you make spur of the moment decisions and then think better of it later?  Yeah, well, I let my 3-year-old tinkle in the ocean this summer.  The…

An Ode to … Me

It was one of those checkout lines that was not made for women with four children seven years old and under. Twenty, maybe thirty minutes long. I was seriously doubting…

Moving, Autism, and a Tired Mommy

Yesterday I pulled into the driveway and eldest burst into tears. Why? The realtor had put a sign in our yard. It was official. We are moving back to Texas….

Royal Fascination

By Princess Julia DesCarpentrie “Princess jammies!”  wailed my over-tired 2-year-old daughter.  The strawberry, monkey, and  ballerina pajamas were unacceptable.  Only the nightgown with Disney princesses residing in the dirty laundry…

Avoiding Burnout: 31 Tips for Entering the No-Fry Zone

Author’s note: Some of you know that I struggle painfully with overcommitting, overworking, and a number of other (uh, prideful, fearful, faithless…) related issues that cost me and the ones…

Wise TV Choices

Are you one of “those” moms who is always the lone boycotter of the newest TV fad? Turns out, you’re a good mom and some new research proves just how much you’re protecting.

10 Practical Ideas to Help Stop the Whining, Already!

Does your family have a whiner? (Do you grimace when I mention this person?) One of my children, who is five, has managed to bring whining to an art form….

Ready, Set, Go: Rising Early in the Morning

Morning time is a struggle most days. I think it has a lot to do with lack of sleep due to potty-training toddlers and my teething baby. Because of this,…


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