Kelcie Huffstickler

Kelcie Huffstickler

Since 2010 Kelcie Huffstickler has worked in sexual risk avoidance (abstinence) education for teens and finds joy in helping shape young people’s views about relationships, purity, self-control and building families at the right time, in the right way. Despite feeling overwhelmed by this stage of life, Kelcie is committed to intentional parenting and passing a heritage of faith to her three children. She and her fire fighter husband have been married since 2005.

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Christmas Memory

Every year it was the same thing. My dad brought home 20 or so white paper sacks from the restaurant that we owned, and my sister and I lined them…

Being on the Same Page About Adoption

There’s a longing that’s been inside of me since about high school. In fact, I remember sitting in the gym bleachers and saying it to my friends out loud for…

This Is Only a Season

As I get older, I realize more and more that this journey of faith is just that – a journey. Though I’m only 26, I became a Christian as a…

4 Simple Ways to Teach Scripture to Young Children

I’ve always found this passage a rather tough pill to swallow. How can we really think about and discuss God’s Word at every corner of our day? I’ve also found…


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