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Gina Smith

Gina Smith

Gina Smith served alongside her husband at a small Christian college right outside of Washington, DC for almost 20 years, where she caught a passion for speaking into the lives of young adults. Those same young adults are now parents, and they are still listening – and bringing friends! She previously dedicated her days to serving her family, but now that her children are grown she fully enjoys her calling of entering into mentoring relationships with women of all ages in person and on-line. Gina has articles published on several on-line communities and currently serves as Tribe Manager for The MOB Society, an online ministry to parents of boys. Gina has been married to college professor Brian since 1987.

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15 Steps to Take When You Feel Offended

Examine your heart. Be sure you are not going to the offender in anger, with an attitude of setting them straight. The goal must be to bring reconciliation, not revenge….

Back in the Proverbs 31 Pool: Soaking Up Some Dignity

I’ve plunged back into the Proverbs 31 pool! I’m treading water and have been soaking up some information, learning about what the word “dignity” means and how I’m supposed to…

She’s Noticing Boys!

Over the years, I have had conversations with young moms who express that they are fearful of what it will be like when their children get older. They are especially…

Treading Water in the Proverbs 31 Pool (Part II)

Find Part 1 of Treading Water in the Proverbs 31 Pool here. Part II of Treading Water in the Proverbs 31 Pool Physical Strength: I need to be strong physically in order to…

Treading Water In the Proverbs 31 Pool

I regularly ask God to reveal what I need to see, and if there might be something that is hindering my walk with Him.  While listening to a sermon on…

I Am Not a Grace-Filled Woman

Every day when I wake up I am reminded of the undeserved grace that God has shown me, and the fact that the only reason I can face each morning…

The Early Years

We were sitting in a restaurant, enjoying some family time, when a couple with two small children made their way to a booth in the corner. She wore baggy jeans…

Loosen Up!

I was in my 30’s and had two small children. A young mom, whom I didn’t know very well, had come to visit. She was the mother of three very…

Oh, Come Let Us Adore Him!

I love this time of year and everything about it! The tree, decorations, and parties! If you were here in person, I’d fix you hot chocolate and your choice of…

The Dark Place

There have been times when I entered an unknown space … hopeful, excited anticipation. Unaware of what exists there. I sit down in that space. Make myself comfortable. Become acclimated….


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