Last Updated on June 7, 2012

The Sabbath has been a popular topic of discussion on MomBlog … probably because being a mom equals being pooped!

Personally I’ve had to realize the hard way that no matter what I believe about the Sabbath, I need one. But I’ve also realized that it’s pretty hard to do with kids. I have to be pretty intentional. I follow some of Sabrina’s suggestions. I go so far as to do extra work on Saturday so I can chill on Sunday: I get something ready for the slow cooker, make sure we’ve got bagels or muffins for the easiest breakfast possible, and try to have the house clean so I’m not getting depressed about Monday while I try to relax after church!

But because I’ve personally decided not to work, I find myself playing a little game with God — let’s call it “Does It Count?”. My kids have an amazing capacity to create a mess faster than I can gasp “OH, NO!” — and it doesn’t seem to take Sundays off. Or I’ll be walking barefoot in the kitchen and feel the crumbs. Ew. With Monday looming over my head, I bargain with God. In essence, it goes something like this: Lord, does it really count as work? I think I’m just going to take care of this little job, because the Sabbath is made for man, and I’m not going to feel very rested if it’s sitting there watching me. 

It has occurred to me that at times like this I’m using Scripture for my own ends, kind of like Satan did. And as a pastor recently pointed out to me, my approach is a little like when we ask our kids to clean their rooms and they’re like, “What kind of clean? Do I have to clean the closet? Do I have to pick up everything, or just ___?”

I’m not asking from the standpoint of faith. I’m not deciding with peace and confidence in the freedom I have in Christ that this is what I can do on the Sabbath.

I’m asking in fear.

Do you know, Lord, what my week might look like if I start out with a house that looks like I ran the blender with the lid off?

In short, I’m asking the wrong question. Rather than trying to make excuses to God about my agenda, I’ve got to ask, Lord, what would you have me do?

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