Last Updated on August 15, 2018

Do you ever feel disappointed with life?  I think most of us might agree that our days often seem either crazy busy or frustratingly slow.  It’s easy to let negative thoughts pile up faster than a sink of dirty dishes.  No, we can’t wave a magic wand to make everything disappointing disappear. But, our Heavenly Father has given us a power punch to knock out our negative feelings so our thoughts are in their rightful position.  What is it? Gratitude.  

An External Solution

Growing up in the Taylor household, which I did, my mother didn’t like sullenness. Her solution? She’d advise me to “turn my frown upside down.” In other words, I was supposed to put a smile on my face, but that didn’t change what I was thinking. 

A Mind Solution

Our Heavenly Father knows that something can be done for our down, negative thoughts. He offers more than a fake a smile. He offers us a transformed mind. Neuroscientists used to think the brain was hardwired, but studies in neuroplasticity show that Romans 12:1-2 is true – our minds can be renewed. Ruts of negative thoughts can be replaced with HighWays of thanksgiving. 

The Power Punch of Gratitude

Gratitude is a power punch God has given us to knock our negative thoughts out so gratitude can take its rightful place in our lives.  

Start Today

God tells us,

[verse reference=”1 Thessalonians 5:18″]In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.[/verse]

Are you kidding? Give thanks that my husband lost his job? Give thanks that my child is sick? Give thanks that I’m sleep deprived? Give thanks that we can’t pay our bills? Give thanks that I’m struggling?

No, the Bible doesn’t say to give thanks “for” the bad things. It says “in” the midst of whatever life is throwing our way, be thankful we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and will help us.

You’re Invited 

Our default mode is often to see what we don’t have or to focus on what is going wrong. But, we don’t have to be pessimistic or ungrateful. We can focus on God’s blessings and ask for His help.  

You’re invited to join the community of moms who are joining together to encourage one another by finding joy in our day.  I’d love for you to join us.  Simply post something as often as you’d like for which you are thankful. Use the hashtag #AttitudeofGratitude so we can celebrate with you. “Austin slept all night.” “Heather went on the potty!” “3 hours of uninterrupted sleep!” “I made it through the day.” “Little one took her first steps.” “Dinner & dishes done.” “Roof over our head.” “Got a job!” “Kids back to school.” 

Make it Memorable

I love our #AttitudeofGratitude community that’s starting on social media, but what I love most is writing my thanksgiving in my journal. Why? It makes it even more real to take a pen in my hand and write my thanksgiving on paper. 

Research shows that people who keep a gratitude journal are more optimistic about life than those who don’t. 

It also makes it memorable. I love thumbing through the pages of my journal and being reminded of how God has answered prayers. Prayers of My Heart  is a keepsake diary of my #AttitudeofGratitude. Reading through it paves HighWays of hope; the genuine way to turn a frown upside down. 

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your Word that guides us how to live. Thank You for telling us that the HighWay to salvation is through the forgiveness of our sins in Jesus Christ. Thank You for the moms joining the #AttitudeofGratitude community who will show their hope in Christ to other moms.

Hashtag it Now #AttitudeofGratitude

Hop over now and join our #AttitudeofGratitude community by posting something for which you’re grateful.  Or, comment here. Let’s share what we’re grateful for!