There isn’t one single formula when it comes to balancing motherhood and work. We’re all uniquely different with varying levels of capacity. We’re also mothering children through a variety of different seasons.
It’s not an easy task managing a career while taking care of your household. Because of this, balancing motherhood and work demands a unique creativity – both to maintain priorities and fulfill needs and expectations (Ecclesiastes 10:10). This balance is unique to every family’s dynamic.

As a working mother myself, I want to share 4 principles that have helped me to balance motherhood and work. It’s my prayer that they will be helpful for you, too!

4 Things I’ve Learned about Balancing Motherhood & Work

1. Pray

I know it sounds cliche but it is the truth! As a believer, prayer must be our lifeline (1 Thessalonians 5:17). We need the Lord’s guidance through motherhood and His leading in the area of our career. Through prayer, we can ask for and seek the Lord’s wisdom about motherhood and our work.
Through prayer, we can ask God for the blessing of a job that fits our family dynamics. Through prayer, we tap into the supernatural power we need to be effective at our jobs and be fruitful at home with our families. Staying close to God through prayer keeps us in a humble position and reminds us to rely on and focus on Him.
Focusing on God and his unconditional love for us keeps us from demanding perfection of ourselves and from falling into the trap of comparison and “people pleasing”. Through prayer, God gives us guidance and creativity fueled by His wisdom. When we draw close to Him, He gives us the help we need to establish a balance that works for us and honors Him.


2. Avoid Giving into “Mom Guilt”

“Mom guilt” is a very REAL emotion. It makes us feel like no matter how much time we spend with our kids or how much we provide for them, it is never enough. This feeling is intensified for working mothers.
At the end of a long day of pouring ourselves out you may hear the enemy (Satan) whisper lies like, “That wasn’t enough.” Then you find yourself in a downward spiral of critical thoughts and lies. I love Romans 8:1 which makes this declaration over our lives as believers.
[verse reference=”Romans 8:1 (TPT)”]So now the case is closed. There remains no accusing voice of condemnation against those who are joined in life-union with Jesus, the Anointed One.[/verse]  
So here’s the antidote to “mom guilt”…you are enough! Why? Because in Jesus Christ, the anointed one, YOU are enough! His anointing not only empowers you to do everything you do for your children each day but the anointing also multiples that beyond what you can see or imagine!


3. Communicate with your Community

Our community is made up of our family, our friends, our church, coworkers, and neighbors. We must let our community know what we need and how they can help us.
Yes, that requires a level of trust and vulnerability. But we’re not designed to handle motherhood, let alone life, on our own (Romans 14:19). We need to let our community know when we need help with childcare, taking care of an errand, and even when we need a break.
We also need to communicate with our supervisors and coworkers. Every job comes with requirements and obligations, but we have to ensure that our work-home life boundaries are set and expressed.
And when you get the chance, talk to your kids about work! Ask how they feel about your motherhood/work balance. You may be surprised at how much they can understand. They may even bless you with a word of encouragement or a heart-melting recognition that, “You’re the best mom ever!”


4. Learn to Rest

In our day and culture, it doesn’t seem like motherhood and rest can possibly go together – especially if you work. But rest is something that has been modeled to us by God! (Genesis 2:2-3)
Rest is essential to balancing motherhood and work. It’s not optional. It’s actually a command and modeled for us by God.
If you don’t have rest incorporated into your daily routine and a sabbath each week, you’re going to burn out! Remember, the Lord redeems our time when we honor Him with it. If momma’s cup isn’t full, she can’t pour from an empty cup. When your body says rest, get to it as soon as you can. I promise everything you need to do will still be there when you get up. The blessing is that when you do rest, you’ll come back with the capacity to take care of those tasks.
Balance is not going to look the same for everyone and it’s not going to look the exact same every day. The key is honoring the Lord with our time, commitment, family, and work.
We won’t always get it right. But when honoring God is our top priority, we’ll be led to the right path of balancing motherhood and work.
Contrary to what culture says and even how we may feel at times, being a mother is a high honor with an eternal commitment.
As believers, we should ensure our families are taken care of first before we make commitments outside the home. This is the key to having a healthy motherhood work balance that honors the Lord.
Remember, careers and jobs come and go. But family relationships carry eternal weight.
We must be honest about our life dynamics and recognize the seasons of our children and family. It’s important to know our bandwidth and need for rest to prevent burnout.
Also, diligently fight mom guilt and avoid comparing yourself to other moms. Communicate what you need to your community and remember that balance is everything. Above all, pray to our Father, the one who entrusted you with motherhood and work for his wisdom, strength, and guidance. It’s a challenging season, but with God-ordained balance, you’re going to make it!
Let us pray:
Father, help us to follow your wisdom and ways when it comes to balancing motherhood and work. Help us to recognize the seasons of motherhood we are in and to enjoy each season the way you intended for us. Help us not to become consumed with the productivity culture but help us to be consumed with what you deem fruitful for us and our family.
In Jesus’ Name.