My list of excuses for not doing it was long. And it was impressive because all of my excuses had validity to them. The whole “wearing-feminine-nighties-to-bed-thing.” Sigh. After a long day of tantrums, dirty diapers, and spit-up, the idea of putting on something frilly was about as far out of my mind as could be.

We all know what “they” say about our hubbies’ need to see us as feminine and beautiful as when we were dating. But, seriously! Dating was light-years and full nights of sleep ago! The other day, I read an article with the most obvious title ever: “The Sexes View Sex Differently.”

I am sure that you have read many such articles, as have I. However, the take-away I got from it was that we could choose to appreciate and honor our husbands’ differences, as opposed to being annoyed by them. And in choosing that, we could just begin to remember those flirty, feminine ways we had when we were dating.

I’ve already been taking baby steps toward “the frilly.” Trying to do at least my hair and makeup every day. Switching out baggy cotton for silks and lace in the undergarment department. It was just the pajama hurdle.

You’re dying to know my excuses, yes?  Among others, they were:

#1: My skin gets really itchy when it touches the cold cotton sheets.

#2: If I wear frilly, he will obviously think _______ (and Lord knows I’m not!) .

#3: It’s freezing!

You know what? I started thinking about what I could do:

#1: Get flannel sheets. Ahhh, that feels good!

#2: Oh, well.

#3: I could wear the frilly over my yoga pants when I’m out of bed and slip them off when I’m getting in (I know, it doesn’t sound like a fashion trend — but it’s going in the right direction!).

My husband is not the demanding type, which is why I can get away with things like this. But do you know what happened the first night I slipped into bed with a pretty nightie on? He first asked why I was wearing it. I answered that it was because I knew that husbands liked their wives to wear pretty things to bed. He said it was true and then mentioned my list of excuses. I said it didn’t matter anymore, and can you guess what my sweet husband did? He snuggled me up to him and said, “Oh, wow. That means I get to have my wife as I’ve always wished to have her!” (I was shocked — it really is a big deal then!) And contrary to my #2 concern, we just spent the whole night cuddled together … just like “in the old days.”

So, please don’t tell my guy, but I am planning to wear frillies to bed every night for the next month. I want to make a commitment I can keep. If things keep going like they are, I may never go back to those old sweat pants and t-shirts.

Do you want to join me? Come on — just a month, take the “Pretty Nightie Challenge” and wear the frilly. Face up to your excuses and replace them with ways you can bring out your femininity for your man. Try it and let me know what happens!!

Psst, pass this idea on to friends, I’d love for as many women (and their husbands) to be blessed by this as possible!

{Editor’s Note: As mentioned in the comments below … if you are a single lady, you can still take the pretty nightie challenge and look lovely just for yourself as you read a good book and/or make yourself comfy under the covers!}