Valentine’s Day is February 14th, but who says showing love to others is limited to just that day? Try these ideas to show love to others:

  1. Start your husband’s car several minutes before he needs to leave. Scrape off the windshield, and leave a mug of hot coffee or a bottled water in the cup holder for him.
  2. Throw your family’s towels in the dryer while they are bathing so they are nice and toasty when they get out.
  3. Take your neighbor’s trash cans back up to their home.
  4. Have you thanked your children’s Sunday school teachers lately? Write a quick note or send a small gift thanking them for their sacrifice.
  5. Buy extra boxes of valentines (both boy and girl or gender-neutral) and give them to your child’s teacher the week before Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, there are students whose parents forget or neglect to buy them, and the kids feel left out.
  6. When ordering in a restaurant, look your waiter or waitress in the eye and thank them by name. Tip well.
  7. Compliment or encourage the young, harried mom in the grocery store with something positive you observed.
  8. Have the kids greet their daddy at the door like he’s king of the castle. Take his briefcase, hand him a mug of hot chocolate and his slippers, and give him a big welcome home kiss.
  9. Show your appreciation to the support staff (administrative assistants, school nurse, custodians, bus drivers, cooks, etc.) at your children’s school with a homemade coffee cake or buy several dozen donuts. Make a thank-you card with your children’s photos to put beside the treat.
  10. Leave sticky notes (or candy hearts) with sweet messages around the house for your family to find.
  11. Cook dinner for a young family. Let the mom know the night before that she doesn’t need to worry about dinner the next day, or make a meal that can be frozen if she already has her meal planned.
  12. Write a message on the bathroom mirror with a bar of soap to get your hubby or kids’ days started on a positive note.
  13. Find someone without a sweetheart (single mom, widow or widower, single adult) and invite them for a Valentine’s dinner.
  14. February 14 is also National Organ Donor Day. Make sure your driver’s license is signed to be an organ donor to help save a life.