It’s here… Spring Fever is upon us!

As a result, the quiet park I have been walking in over the winter is suddenly crowded with children and their parents and that makes me oh, so happy!

You see, I am an observer of relationships (other people may call that nosey) and each Spring there is a definitive difference in the way parents and children interact. Springtime has parents acting in all manner of silliness and revelry. Swinging on swings with their children, playing follow the leader, climbing on monkey bars, and throwing some serious Frisbee! I even saw the beginnings of a water balloon battle!

That being bound up in the house all winter thing helps all of us to break out of our cocoons and spread our energy and activity wings.

May I suggest that while you are feeling all extra energetic you take some time to jot down some great “connect with my children” ideas and place them on the fridge at home so on those days when the “I’m bored Mom!” sentences start flying you can grab that list and make fun happen!

Since I have long been known as the “Fun Mom” allow me to help you get your list started:

  1. whirligig and bubble party – call it a party and it’s perceived as more fun
  2. teach them the “old” games – hopscotch, jump rump, duck duck goose, dodge ball
  3. build an outdoor tent – rope tied between two trees, place a sheet over rope, place rocks on edges, instant A -rame tent
  4. outdoor theater – have them create some theater, make some popcorn and be the audience (share the popcorn w/performers!)
  5. sidewalk chalk town – create a whole town from an “up above” perspective with stores, etc. and then spend some time exploring the town
  6. backyard obstacle course – think of what a “normal” obstacle course could look like and recreate a wacky one all your own
    1. tire walk through = place hula hoops or even paper plates on ground and high step through
    2. balance beam = a board on the ground, weaving obstacle = kick a ball around trees, or well placed plastic drinking glasses,
    3. high bar = tie a string, rather low, between two trees jump over one round, crawl under second round,
    4. hoops = set a bucket or basket out with small balls “sink” three in a row;
    5. javelin throw = see who can throw a toilet paper roll the furtherest, get the toilet paper a bit loose and then toss it for a huge toilet paper streamer! (Great practice for toilet papering trees when they become teens…it will happen, I’m just sayin!). If you don’t have all the “stuff” to do this, or want to add more it’s always easy to just create a sidewalk chalk obstacle course of sorts!

Get out there and have some fun moms! You know what they say, actually it is what I say, “April showers might bring May flowers…but May parents sure can bring on the fun…if they choose to!”

We enjoy offering up lots of connecting activities for you moms! Will you do us a favor today? How about YOU share with us a memory of big fun you have had with your children – then we will all have more Fun Mom ideas!

Many shared ideas make less bored children.

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